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an optical instrument through which two pictures of the same object, taken from slightly different points of view, are viewed, one by each eye, producing the effect of a single picture of the object, with the appearance of depth or relief.
an optical instrument for viewing two-dimensional pictures and giving them an illusion of depth and relief. It has a binocular eyepiece through which two slightly different pictures of the same object are viewed, one with each eye

stereoscope ster·e·o·scope (stěr’ē-ə-skōp’, stēr’-)
An optical instrument with two eyepieces used to impart a three-dimensional effect to two photographs of the same scene taken at slightly different angles.
An optical instrument through which two slightly different images (typically photographs) of the same scene are presented, one to each eye, providing an illusion of three dimensions. Modern virtual reality equipment often uses a stereoscope that presents animated, computer-generated images to the eyes, rather than photographic images. ◇ A stereogram is a single pair of photographic images used in a stereograph. See also stereoscopic vision.


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    or stereoscopical [ster-ee-uh-skop-ik, steer-] /ˌstɛr i əˈskɒp ɪk, ˌstɪər-/ adjective 1. noting or pertaining to three-dimensional vision or any of various processes and devices for giving the illusion of depth from two-dimensional images or reproductions, as of a photograph or motion picture. 2. of, relating to, or characterized by a stereoscope or stereoscopy. stereoscopic /ˌstɛrɪəˈskɒpɪk; […]

  • Stereoscopic-microscope

    noun 1. a microscope that produces a three-dimensional image of an object by focusing on the object from slightly different positions in each of two lenses. stereoscopic microscope n. A microscope having double eyepieces and objectives and independent light paths, producing a three-dimensional image.

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    stereoscopic vision n. The single perception of a slightly different image from each eye, resulting in depth perception. stereoscopic vision (stěr’ē-ə-skŏp’ĭk) See binocular vision.

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    noun 1. the study of the stereoscope and its techniques. 2. three-dimensional vision. noun 1. the viewing or appearance of objects in or as if in three dimensions 2. the study and use of the stereoscope stereoscopy ster·e·os·co·py (stěr’ē-ŏs’kə-pē, stēr’-) n. An optical technique by which two images of the same object are blended into […]

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