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Sternberg-reed cell

Sternberg-Reed cell Stern·berg-Reed cell (stûrn’bûrg’-, shtěrn’běrk’-)
See Reed-Sternberg cell.


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  • Stern-chaser

    noun 1. a cannon mounted at or near the stern of a sailing ship, facing aft. stern-chaser noun 1. a gun mounted at the stern of a vessel for firing aft at a pursuing vessel

  • Stereoarthrolysis

    stereoarthrolysis ster·e·o·ar·throl·y·sis (stěr’ē-ō-är-thrŏl’ĭ-sĭs, stēr’-) n. The surgical formation of a new movable joint in cases of bony ankylosis.

  • Sterne

    noun 1. Laurence, 1713–68, English clergyman and novelist. noun 1. Laurence. 1713–68, English novelist, born in Ireland, author of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (1759–67) and A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (1768)

  • Sternebra

    sternebra ster·ne·bra (stûr’nə-brə) n. pl. ster·ne·brae (-brē) One of the four segments of the primordial sternum of the embryo, the fusion of which forms the body of the adult sternum.

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