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sternoclavicular ster·no·cla·vic·u·lar (stûr’nō-klə-vĭk’yə-lər)
Of, relating to, or connecting the sternum and clavicle.


Read Also:

  • Sternoclavicular angle

    sternoclavicular angle n. The angle formed by the junction of the clavicle with the sternum.

  • Sternocleidomastoid muscle

    sternocleidomastoid muscle n. A muscle with origin from the anterior surface of the episternum and from the sternal end of the clavicle, with insertion into the mastoid process and the superior nuchal line, with nerve supply from the accessory nerve, and whose action turns the head obliquely to the opposite side and flexes the neck […]

  • Sternocleidomastoid vein

    sternocleidomastoid vein n. A vein that arises in the sternocleidomastoid muscle and drains into the internal jugular vein.

  • Sternocostal

    [stur-noh-kos-tl, -kaw-stl] /ˌstɜr noʊˈkɒs tl, -ˈkɔ stl/ adjective, Anatomy, Zoology. 1. of, relating to, or situated between the sternum and ribs. sternocostal ster·no·cos·tal (stûr’nō-kŏs’təl) adj. Of or relating to both the sternum and the ribs.

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