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noun, plural sticharia
[stee-khah-ree-ah; English sti-kair-ee-uh] /stiˈxɑ ri ɑ; English stɪˈkɛər i ə/ (Show IPA). Greek Orthodox Church.
a white tunic of silk or linen, corresponding to the alb, worn by deacons, priests, and bishops.


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  • Stiches

    noun, plural stichs. 1. a verse or line of poetry. noun, plural stichs. Cards. 1. the last trick, being of special scoring value in certain games, as pinochle or klaberjass. noun 1. a line of poetry; verse

  • Stichic

    adjective 1. pertaining to or consisting of stichs or verses. 2. composed of lines of the same metrical form throughout.

  • Stichometry

    noun 1. the practice of writing a prose text in lines, often of slightly differing lengths, that correspond to units of sense and indicate phrasal rhythms. noun 1. (prosody) the practice of writing out a prose text in lines that correspond to the sense units and indicate the phrasal rhythms

  • Stichomythia

    [stik-uh-mith-ee-uh] /ˌstɪk əˈmɪθ i ə/ noun 1. dramatic dialogue, as in a Greek play, characterized by brief exchanges between two characters, each of whom usually speaks in one line of verse during a scene of intense emotion or strong argumentation. stichomythia /ˌstɪkəʊˈmɪθɪə/ noun 1. a form of dialogue originating in Greek drama in which single […]

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