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[stik-at-it-iv, -i-tiv] /ˌstɪkˈæt ɪt ɪv, -ɪ tɪv/
adjective, Informal.


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  • Stickball

    noun 1. a form of baseball played in the streets, on playgrounds, etc., in which a rubber ball and a broomstick or the like are used in place of a baseball and bat.

  • Stick-built

    adjective, (of a house or other structure) 1. built piece-by-piece at the construction site, as opposed to factory-built.

  • Stick down

    verb 1. (transitive, adverb) (informal) to write: stick your name down here

  • Sticker

    noun 1. a person or thing that sticks. 2. an adhesive label. 3. Informal. sticker price. 4. something, as a problem or riddle, that puzzles or nonpluses one. 5. Slang. a knife, especially one used as a weapon by a criminal. 6. a worker who kills animals in a slaughterhouse by piercing the jugular vein […]

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