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or stick handler
[stik-hand-ler] /ˈstɪkˌhænd lər/
a hockey or lacrosse player, esp. one who is talented at stickhandling.


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  • Stickiness

    adjective, stickier, stickiest. 1. having the property of adhering, as glue; adhesive. 2. covered with adhesive or viscid matter: sticky hands. 3. (of the weather or climate) hot and humid: It was an unbearably sticky day. 4. requiring careful treatment; awkwardly difficult: a rather sticky diplomatic problem; Breaking the news is going to be sticky. […]

  • Sticking-place

    noun 1. Also called sticking point. the place or point at which something stops and holds firm. 2. the place in the lower part of an animal’s neck where the knife is thrust in slaughtering.

  • Sticking-point

    noun 1. a point, detail, or circumstance causing or likely to cause a stalemate or impasse: The bill would have gone through the Senate quickly but for one sticking point. 2. sticking place (def 1). sticking point noun 1. a problem or point on which agreement cannot be reached, preventing progress from being made

  • Stick-insect

    noun 1. walking stick (def 2). stick insect noun 1. any of various mostly tropical insects of the family Phasmidae that have an elongated cylindrical body and long legs and resemble twigs: order Phasmida Also called (US and Canadian) walking stick See also leaf insect

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