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Still wet behind the ears

still wet behind the ears


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  • Still-wine

    noun 1. any nonsparkling table wine.

  • Stilly

    adverb 1. quietly; silently. adjective 2. Chiefly Literary. still; quiet. adverb (ˈstɪllɪ) 1. (archaic or literary) quietly or calmly adjective (ˈstɪlɪ) 2. (poetic) still, quiet, or calm

  • Stilt

    noun 1. one of two poles, each with a support for the foot at some distance above the bottom end, enabling the wearer to walk with his or her feet above the ground. 2. one of several posts supporting a structure built above the surface of land or water. 3. Ceramics. a three-armed support for […]

  • Stilt-bug

    noun 1. any of various slender, long-legged, brownish bugs of the family Berytidae, inhabiting dense vegetation: sometimes classified with the leaf-footed bugs.

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