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  • Stipe

    noun 1. Botany, Mycology. a stalk or slender support, as the petiole of a fern frond, the stem supporting the pileus of a mushroom, or a stalklike elongation of the receptacle of a flower. 2. Zoology. a stemlike part, as a footstalk; stalk. noun 1. a stalk in plants that bears reproductive structures, esp the […]

  • Stipel

    noun, Botany. 1. a secondary stipule situated at the base of a leaflet of a compound leaf. noun 1. a small paired leaflike structure at the base of certain leaflets; secondary stipule

  • Stipend

    noun 1. a periodic payment, especially a scholarship or fellowship allowance granted to a student. 2. fixed or regular pay; salary. noun 1. a fixed or regular amount of money paid as a salary or allowance, as to a clergyman

  • Stipendiary

    adjective 1. receiving a stipend; performing services for regular pay. 2. paid for by a stipend: stipendiary services. 3. pertaining to or of the nature of a stipend. noun, plural stipendiaries. 4. a person who receives a stipend. adjective 1. receiving or working for regular pay: a stipendiary magistrate 2. paid for by a stipend […]

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