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noun, plural stipites
[stip-i-teez] /ˈstɪp ɪˌtiz/ (Show IPA)
Zoology. the second joint in a maxilla of crustaceans and insects.
Botany, Mycology. a stipe.
Botany, Mycology. a stalk or slender support, as the petiole of a fern frond, the stem supporting the pileus of a mushroom, or a stalklike elongation of the receptacle of a flower.
Zoology. a stemlike part, as a footstalk; stalk.
noun (zoology) (pl) stipites (ˈstɪpɪˌtiːz)
the second maxillary segment in insects and crustaceans
the eyestalk of a crab or similar crustacean
any similar stemlike structure
a stalk in plants that bears reproductive structures, esp the stalk bearing the cap of a mushroom
the stalk that bears the leaflets of a fern or the thallus of a seaweed
(zoology) any stalklike part; stipes
A supporting stalk or stemlike structure, especially the stalk of a pistil, the petiole of a fern frond, or the stalk that supports the cap of a mushroom.


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