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a loop, ring, or other contrivance of metal, wood, leather, etc., suspended from the saddle of a horse to support the rider’s foot.
any of various similar supports or clamps used for special purposes.
Nautical. a short rope with an eye at the end hung from a yard to support a footrope, the footrope being rove through the eye.
Also called binder. (in reinforced-concrete constructions) a U -shaped or W -shaped bent rod for supporting longitudinal reinforcing rods.
Anatomy. stapes.

a strap of fabric or elastic at the bottom of a pair of pants, worn around and under the foot.
stirrups, (used with a plural verb) close-fitting knit pants with such straps.

Also called stirrup iron. either of two metal loops on a riding saddle, with a flat footpiece through which a rider puts his foot for support. They are attached to the saddle by stirrup leathers
a U-shaped support or clamp made of metal, wood, leather, etc
(nautical) one of a set of ropes fastened to a yard at one end and having a thimble at the other through which a footrope is rove for support
the usual US name for étrier

stirrup stir·rup (stûr’əp, stĭr’-)
See stapes.


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  • Stirrup bone

    noun 1. the nontechnical name for stapes

  • Stirrup-cup

    noun 1. farewell drink, especially one offered to a rider already mounted for departure. 2. an ornamental cup or bowl for such a drink. noun 1. a cup containing an alcoholic drink offered to a horseman ready to ride away

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    noun 1. pseudamphora.

  • Stirrup-leather

    noun 1. the strap that holds the stirrup of a saddle.

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