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a character in literature, theater, or film of a type quickly recognized and accepted by the reader or viewer and requiring no development by the writer.


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  • Stock-clerk

    noun 1. a worker in a stockroom who is in charge of the materials and goods stored there. 2. a clerk responsible for replenishing the stock displayed in a grocery store, hardware store, etc.

  • Stock-company

    noun 1. Finance. a company or corporation whose capital is divided into shares represented by stock. 2. Theater. a company acting a repertoire of plays, more or less permanently together, usually at its own theater. stock company noun 1. (US) a business enterprise the capital of which is divided into transferable shares 2. a US […]

  • Stock culture

    stock culture n. A culture of a microorganism maintained solely to keep it viable for subculture into fresh medium.

  • Stock-dividend

    noun, Finance. 1. a form of dividend collected by a stockholder in extra shares of the corporation’s stock rather than in cash. 2. the stock received in such a dividend.

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