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noun, Photography.
a concentrated chemical solution, diluted before using.


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  • Stock-shot

    noun 1. Movies. any of various prefilmed shots, as from newsreels or travelogues, available from specialized film libraries for inserting into a film to establish locale, atmosphere, etc.

  • Stock-saddle

    noun 1. Western saddle. stock saddle noun 1. (mainly US) a cowboy’s saddle, esp an ornamental one

  • Stomium

    noun 1. the part of the sporangium of ferns that ruptures to release the spores

  • Stomodaeum

    noun, plural stomodaea [stoh-muh-dee-uh, stom-uh-] /ˌstoʊ məˈdi ə, ˌstɒm ə-/ (Show IPA) 1. stomodeum. noun (pl) -daea, -dea (-ˈdiːə) 1. the oral cavity of a vertebrate embryo, which is formed from an invagination of the ectoderm and develops into the part of the alimentary canal between the mouth and stomach

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