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a long, conical, knitted cap, usually with a tassel or pompon at the tip.
stocking cap
a conical knitted cap, often with a tassel


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  • Stockinged

    noun 1. a close-fitting covering for the foot and part of the leg, usually knitted, of wool, cotton, nylon, silk, or similar material. 2. something resembling such a covering. Idioms 3. in one’s stocking feet, wearing stockings, but without shoes: Be careful of glass splinters if you walk through here in your stocking feet. adjective […]

  • Stockinger

    noun 1. a person who knits on a stocking frame

  • Stocking frame

    noun 1. a type of knitting machine Also called stocking loom, stocking machine

  • Stocking-mask

    noun 1. a nylon stocking used, especially by a criminal, to disguise the face. stocking mask noun 1. a nylon stocking worn over the face by a criminal to disguise the features

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