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[stuhm-uh k-chur-ning] /ˈstʌm əkˌtʃɜr nɪŋ/
causing nausea.
causing a queasy feeling in one’s stomach, as from anxiety, anger, or disgust:
The car accident was a stomach-churning sight.


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    noun 1. a richly ornamented garment covering the stomach and chest, worn by both sexes in the 15th and 16th centuries, and later worn under a bodice by women. noun 1. a decorative V-shaped panel of stiff material worn over the chest and stomach by men and women in the 16th century, later only by […]

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    adjective, Also, stomachical 1. of or relating to the stomach; gastric. 2. beneficial to the stomach; stimulating gastric digestion; sharpening the appetite. noun 3. a stomachic agent or drug. adjective 1. stimulating gastric activity 2. of or relating to the stomach noun 3. a stomachic medicine stomachic sto·mach·ic (stə-māk’ĭk) n. An agent that improves appetite […]

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