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(E African, informal) have a stomack, to be pregnant


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  • Stomal ulcer

    stomal ulcer sto·mal ulcer (stō’məl) n. A mucosal ulcer in the jejunum mucosa near the opening between the stomach and jejunum, occurring after gastrojejunostomy.

  • Stomat-

    1. variant of stomato- before a vowel: stomatitis.

  • Stomata

    noun 1. a plural of stoma. noun, plural stomata [stoh-muh-tuh, stom-uh-, stoh-mah-tuh] /ˈstoʊ mə tə, ˈstɒm ə-, stoʊˈmɑ tə/ (Show IPA), stomas. 1. Also, stomate. Botany. any of various small apertures, especially one of the minute orifices or slits in the epidermis of leaves, stems, etc., through which gases are exchanged. 2. Zoology. a mouth […]

  • Stomatal

    adjective 1. of, relating to, or of the nature of a stoma. 2. having stomata. adjective 1. of, relating to, or possessing stomata or a stoma

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