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totally deaf.
completely deaf


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  • Stoneface

    noun 1. living stones.

  • Stone-faced

    adjective 1. having a rigid, expressionless face.

  • Stonefish

    noun, plural stonefishes (especially collectively) stonefish. 1. a tropical scorpion fish, Synanceja verrucosa, having dorsal-fin spines from which a deadly poison is discharged. noun (pl) -fish, -fishes 1. a venomous tropical marine scorpaenid fish, Synanceja verrucosa, that resembles a piece of rock on the seabed

  • Stonefly

    noun, plural stoneflies. 1. any of numerous dull-colored primitive aquatic insects of the order Plecoptera, having a distinctive flattened body shape: a major food source for game fish, especially bass and trout, which makes them popular as models for fishing flies. noun (pl) -flies 1. any insect of the order Plecoptera, in which the larvae […]

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