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Stone saw

an untoothed iron saw used to cut stone


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  • Stone-scone

    noun 1. a village in central Scotland: site of coronation of Scottish kings until 1651. 2. Stone of, a stone, formerly at Scone, Scotland, upon which Scottish kings sat at coronation, now placed beneath the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. noun 1. (skɒn; skəʊn). a light plain doughy cake made from flour with very little […]

  • Stone sheep

    noun 1. a wild sheep found in the Yukon and the northern Rocky Mountains

  • Stone shoot

    noun 1. (mountaineering) a long steeply sloping line of loose boulder-strewn scree

  • Stonewall

    verb (used without object) 1. to engage in stonewalling. 2. British. filibuster (def 3). 3. Cricket. (of a batsman) to play a defensive game, as by persistently blocking the ball instead of batting it for distance and runs. verb (used with object) 4. Informal. to block, stall, or resist intentionally: lobbying efforts to stonewall passage […]

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