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Stop at nothing

Do everything in one’s power, be prevented by no obstacle, as in She’ll stop at nothing to get her revenge. This expression was first recorded in John Dryden’s Aurengzebe (1676): “The World is made for the bold impious man; Who stops at nothing, seizes all he can.”


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  • Stopbank

    noun 1. (NZ) an embankment to prevent flooding

  • Stop-bath

    noun, Photography. 1. an acid bath or rinse for stopping the action of a developer before fixing a negative or print. noun 1. a weakly acidic solution used in photographic processing to stop the action of a developer on a film, plate, or paper before the material is immersed in fixer

  • Stop-bead

    noun 1. a strip of molding along the inside of a window frame for holding a sliding sash.

  • Stop bit

    In serial communications, where each bit of the message is transmitted in sequence, stop bits are extra “1” bits which follow the data and any parity bit. They mark the end of a unit of transmission (normally a byte or character). For example, characters on an EIA-232 serial line may have one or two stop […]

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