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Stop-limit order

[stop-lim-it] /ˈstɒpˌlɪm ɪt/
stop order.


Read Also:

  • Stoplist

    noun See stop list

  • Stop list

    noun a set of words automatically omitted from a computer search, concordance, or index, usu. the most frequent words, which would slow down processing or make results less satisfactory; also written stoplist Examples A stop list, or negative dictionary is a device used in automatic indexing to filter out words that would make poor index […]

  • Stop-loss

    adjective 1. designed or planned to prevent continued loss, as a customer’s order to a broker to sell a stock if its price declines to a specific amount. adjective 1. (commerce) of or relating to an order to a broker in a commodity or security market to close an open position at a specified price […]

  • Stop-loss clause

    noun, Insurance. 1. a limitation on the amount of loss sustained by the insured without compensation in a given period.

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