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Stop thrust

(fencing) another name for stop (sense 29)


Read Also:

  • Stop-volley

    noun, Tennis. 1. a softly hit volley that barely falls over the net and cannot be reached for a return.

  • Stopwatch

    noun 1. a watch with a hand or hands that can be stopped or started at any instant, used for precise timing, as in races. noun 1. a type of watch used for timing events, such as sporting events, accurately, having a device for stopping the hand or hands instantly

  • Stopword

    noun 1. any of a number of very commonly used words, as a, and, in, and to, that are normally excluded by computer search engines or when compiling a concordance. noun See stop list

  • Stop-work

    noun 1. (mainly Austral) a temporary cessation of work as a form of protest

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