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confined, detained, or isolated by storms:
a stormbound ship; a stormbound village.
detained or harassed by storms


Read Also:

  • Storm-cell

    noun 1. an air mass formed by powerful updrafts and downdrafts moving in convective loops, the smallest unit of a storm system. storm cell An air mass that contains up and down drafts in convective loops, moves and reacts as a single entity, and functions as the smallest unit of a storm-producing system.

  • Storm-cellar

    noun 1. a cellar or underground chamber for refuge during violent storms; cyclone cellar.

  • Storm-center

    noun 1. the center of a cyclonic storm, the area of lowest pressure and of comparative calm. 2. a center of disturbance, tumult, or trouble: The housing bubble was the storm center of the economic collapse. storm center The point of lowest barometric pressure within the central area of a storm.

  • Storm centre

    noun 1. the centre of a cyclonic storm, etc, where pressure is lowest 2. the centre of any disturbance or trouble

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