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adjective, stormier, stormiest.
affected, characterized by, or subject to storms; tempestuous:
a stormy sea.
characterized by violent commotion, actions, speech, passions, etc.:
a stormy debate.
adjective stormier, stormiest
characterized by storms
subject to, involving, or characterized by violent disturbance or emotional outburst


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  • Stormy-petrel

    noun 1. the British storm petrel, Hydrobates pelagicus, of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean. 2. a person who causes or likes trouble or strife. stormy petrel noun 1. another name for storm petrel 2. a person who brings or portends trouble

  • Stornoway

    noun 1. a city in NW Scotland, in the Hebrides. noun 1. a port in NW Scotland, on the E coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, administrative centre of the Western Isles. Pop: 5602 (2001)

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    noun 1. a town in NE Connecticut.

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    noun 1. the parliament of Norway, elected by popular vote, which is divided into the upper house (Lagting) comprising one quarter of the members, and the lower house (Odelsting) comprising the rest. noun 1. the parliament of Norway See also Lagting, Odelsting

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