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[stawr-ee-tel-ing, stohr-] /ˈstɔr iˌtɛl ɪŋ, ˈstoʊr-/
the telling or writing of stories.


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  • Storyville

    noun 1. a red-light district of New Orleans known as a wellspring of jazz before World War I.

  • Storywriter

    noun 1. a person who writes stories, tales, fables, etc. 2. a person who writes news items for radio, television, or newspapers.

  • Stoss

    adjective 1. Geology. noting or pertaining to the side, as of a hill or dale, that receives or has received the thrust of a glacier or other impulse. noun 1. Veit [fahyt] /faɪt/ (Show IPA), c1440–1533, German sculptor and painter. adjective 1. (of the side of a hill, crag, etc) facing the onward flow of […]

  • Stot

    noun 1. a springing gait of certain bovids, as gazelles and antelopes, used especially when running in alarm from a predator. verb (used without object), stotted, stotting. 2. to run with such a gait. noun (dialect) 1. a bullock 2. a castrated male ox verb (Scot & Northern English, dialect) stots, stotting, stotted 1. to […]

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