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a small bolt, similar to a machine screw but with a coarser thread.


Read Also:

  • Stove-coal

    noun 1. anthracite coal in sizes ranging from 1 5/8 to 2 7/16 (about 4 to 6 cm), intermediate between egg coal and chestnut coal.

  • Stove enamel

    noun 1. a type of enamel made heatproof by treatment in a stove

  • Stovepipe

    noun 1. a pipe, as of sheet metal, serving as a stove chimney or to connect a stove with a chimney flue. 2. stovepipe hat. noun 1. a pipe that serves as a flue to a stove 2. Also called stovepipe hat. a man’s tall silk hat

  • Stovepipe-hat

    noun, Older Slang. 1. a tall silk hat.

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