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Straddle the fence

see: on the fence


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  • Straddle-truck

    noun 1. a self-propelled vehicle, having a chassis far above the ground, for carrying loads of lumber or the like beneath the chassis and between the wheels.

  • Stradivarius

    [strad-uh-vair-ee-uh s] /ˌstræd əˈvɛər i əs/ noun 1. a violin or other instrument made by Stradivari or his family. 2. Stradivari, Antonio. Stradivarius /ˌstrædɪˈvɛərɪəs/ noun 1. any of a number of violins manufactured by Antonio Stradivari or his family Often (informal) shortened to Strad Stradivarius [(strad-uh-vair-ee-uhs)] A kind of violin made by the Italian craftsman […]

  • Strafe

    verb (used with object), strafed, strafing. 1. to attack (ground troops or installations) by airplanes with machine-gun fire. 2. Slang. to reprimand viciously. noun 3. a strafing attack. verb (transitive) 1. to machine-gun (troops, etc) from the air 2. (slang) to punish harshly noun 3. an act or instance of strafing

  • Strafford

    noun 1. 1st Earl of (Thomas Wentworth) 1593–1641, English statesman: chief adviser of Charles I of England. noun 1. Thomas Wentworth, Earl of. 1593–1641, English statesman. As lord deputy of Ireland (1632–39) and a chief adviser to Charles I, he was a leading proponent of the king’s absolutist rule. He was impeached by Parliament and […]

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