[ah-les-sahn-draw] /ˌɑ lɛsˈsɑn drɔ/ (Show IPA), 1645?–82? Italian composer.
Historical Examples

Instead of obeying this order he kept his division lingering about Stradella.
History of Modern Europe 1972-1878 C. A. Fyffe

The Senator was surprised and delighted, and Stradella softly clapped his hands.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

Stradella sprang forward with outstretched hands, forgetting everything except that Ortensia was before him.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

When it was over, he himself accompanied Stradella to the stairs.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

Trombin and Stradella once more bowed to each other with great ceremony.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

The plan looked easy, and Stradella was the man to carry it out.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

Very well, if Stradella has carried off your niece, as I am almost sure he has, they are beyond pursuit by this time.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

Stradella’s man was scouring the town for horses, and Pina was not within hearing.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

The road to Stradella was open, the French connections were unbroken.
The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte William Milligan Sloane

Presently Stradella was led in by the gaoler and his assistant.
Stradella F(rancis) Marion Crawford

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