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achieving or showing the highest grade or superior accomplishment, especially scholastically:
a straight A report card.


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  • Straight-ahead

    [streyt-uh-hed] /ˈstreɪt əˌhɛd/ adjective 1. not deviating from what is usual or expected; conventional or traditional; standard: a straight-ahead novel with a happy ending. straddler

  • Straight-and-narrow

    noun 1. the way of virtuous or proper conduct: After his release from prison, he resolved to follow the straight and narrow. straight and narrow noun 1. (informal) the proper, honest, and moral path of behaviour straight

  • Straight-angle

    noun 1. the angle formed by two radii of a circle that are drawn to the extremities of an arc equal to one half of the circle; an angle of 180°. straight angle noun 1. an angle of 180° straight angle (strāt) An angle having a measure of 180°.

  • Straight-arm

    [streyt-ahrm] /ˈstreɪtˌɑrm/ verb (used with object) 1. Football. to push (a potential tackler) away by holding the arm out straight; stiff-arm. 2. to force, push, or fend off by or as if by holding out a stiff arm against obstacles: He straight-armed his way into the middle of the crowded room. noun 3. Football. an […]

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