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or straight-back
[streyt-bakt] /ˈstreɪtˌbækt/
having a straight, usually high, back:
a straight-backed chair.


Read Also:

  • Straight-bill-of-lading

    noun 1. a bill of lading that is issued to a specified consignee for the delivery of the goods and that cannot be endorsed to another party.

  • Straight-chain

    [streyt-cheyn] /ˈstreɪtˈtʃeɪn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. an open chain of atoms, usually carbon, with no side chains attached to it.

  • Straight-chair

    noun 1. a chair with a straight back, especially one that is unupholstered and has straight legs and straight arms or no arms. straight chair noun 1. a straight-backed side chair

  • Straightedge

    [streyt-ej] /ˈstreɪtˌɛdʒ/ noun 1. a bar or strip of wood, plastic, or metal having at least one long edge of sufficiently reliable straightness for use in drawing or testing straight lines, plane surfaces, etc. straight-edge [streyt-ej] /ˈstreɪtˌɛdʒ/ adjective 1. advocating abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex and sometimes advocating vegetarianism. straightedge /ˈstreɪtˌɛdʒ/ noun 1. […]

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