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a person who is forthright and upstanding in behavior.
straight lane


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  • Straight sinus

    straight sinus n. An unpaired sinus of the dura mater in the posterior part of the falx cerebri. Also called tentorial sinus.

  • Straight-stall

    noun 1. a narrow, oblong stall in which a horse or other animal cannot turn around.

  • Straight talk

    straight shooter straight talk Plain, honest speaking, as in We have to have some straight talk with Harry before he goes away to college. [ Late 1800s ]

  • Straight-ticket

    noun, U.S. Politics. 1. a ballot on which all votes have been cast for candidates of the same party. 2. a ticket on which all the candidates nominated by a party are members of the party. straight ticket noun 1. (US) a ballot for all the candidates of one and only one political party Compare […]

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