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a passenger who stands in a crowded bus or subway train and holds onto a strap or other support suspended from above.
any user of such public transportation.
(informal) a passenger in a bus, train, etc, who has to travel standing, esp by holding on to a strap


Read Also:

  • Strap-hinge

    noun 1. a hinge having a flap, especially a long one, attached to one face of a door or the like.

  • Strap-laid

    adjective, Ropemaking. 1. noting a type of flat cordage made by stitching strands together side by side.

  • Strapless

    adjective 1. without a strap or straps. 2. designed and made without shoulder straps: a strapless evening gown; a strapless bra. adjective 1. (of a woman’s formal dress, brassiere, etc) without straps over the shoulders

  • Strapline

    noun 1. a subheading in a newspaper or magazine article or in any advertisement noun a subheading printed above a news headline; also written strap-line

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