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a person or thing that straps.
Informal. a large, robust person.
(informal) a strapping person


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  • Strapping

    adjective 1. powerfully built; robust. 2. large; whopping. noun 1. straps collectively. 2. material used to make a strap or straps: manufacturers of plastic strapping. noun 1. a narrow strip of flexible material, especially leather, as for fastening or holding things together. 2. a looped band by which an item may be held, pulled, lifted, […]

  • Strappy

    adjective -pier, -piest 1. (of clothes) having prominent straps: strappy sandals

  • Strapwork

    noun, Architecture. 1. a type of ornamentation imitating pierced and interlaced straps or bands, usually forming a geometric pattern.

  • Strasberg

    noun 1. Lee, 1901–82, U.S. theatrical director, teacher, and actor, born in Austria.

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