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noun, Scot.
a wide valley.
(Scot) a broad flat river valley


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  • Strathclyde

    noun 1. a region in SW Scotland. 5300 sq. mi. (13,727 sq. km).

  • Strathclyde region

    /ˌstræθˈklaɪd/ noun 1. a former local government region in W Scotland: formed in 1975 from Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Buteshire, Dunbartonshire, and parts of Argyllshire, Ayrshire, and Stirlingshire; replaced in 1996 by the council areas of Glasgow, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Argyll and Bute, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, […]

  • Strathspey

    noun 1. a slow Scottish dance in quadruple meter. 2. the music for this dance. noun 1. a Scottish dance with gliding steps, slower than a reel 2. a piece of music in four-four time composed for this dance

  • Strati

    noun, plural strati [strey-tahy, strat-ahy] /ˈstreɪ taɪ, ˈstræt aɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a cloud of a class characterized by a gray, horizontal layer with a uniform base, found at a lower altitude than altostratus, usually below 8000 feet (2400 meters). 1. a combining form representing stratum, in compound words: stratiform. combining form 1. indicating stratum […]

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