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Stratum corneum

stratum corneum stratum cor·ne·um (kôr’nē-əm)
The horny outer layer of the epidermis, consisting of several layers of flat, keratinized, nonnucleated, dead or peeling cells. Also called corneal layer, horny layer.


Read Also:

  • Stratum functionale

    stratum functionale stratum func·tion·a·le (fŭngk’shə-nā’lē) n. The endometrium except for the basal layer.

  • Stratum lucidum

    stratum lucidum stratum lu·ci·dum (lōō’sĭ-dəm) n. See clear layer of epidermis.

  • Stratum spongiosum

    stratum spongiosum stratum spon·gi·o·sum (spŏn’jē-ō’səm) n. The middle layer of the endometrium, formed chiefly of dilated glandular structures and flanked by the stratum compactum on the luminal side and by the basal layer on the myometrial side.

  • Stratum title

    noun 1. (NZ) a system of registered ownership of space in multistorey buildings, to be equivalent to the ownership of the land of a single-storey building Austral equivalent strata title

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