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a pale yellow similar to the color of straw.


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  • Strawer

    noun 1. a single stalk or stem, especially of certain species of grain, chiefly wheat, rye, oats, and barley. 2. a mass of such stalks, especially after drying and threshing, used as fodder. 3. material, fibers, etc., made from such stalks, as used for making hats or baskets. 4. the negligible value of one such […]

  • Strawflower

    noun 1. any of several everlasting flowers, especially an Australian composite plant, Helichrysum bracteatum, having heads of chaffy yellow, orange, red, or white flowers. 2. Also called cornflower. a bellwort, Uvularia grandiflora, of the lily family, having yellow flowers. noun 1. an Australian plant, Helichrysum bracteatum, in which the coloured bracts retain their colour when […]

  • Strawhat

    adjective 1. of or relating to a summer theater situated outside an urban or metropolitan area: strawhat theater; strawhat circuit.

  • Straw in the wind

    straw in the wind definition A small sign that hints of something that is about to happen: “It is difficult to tell whether the new regime will relax censorship, although a recent remark by the minister of culture may be a straw in the wind.” straw in the wind A slight hint of the future, […]

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