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a horse with a reddish coat that is liberally flecked with white hairs.


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  • Strawberry-tomato

    noun 1. the small, edible, tomato-like fruit of the plant Physalis pruinosa, of the nightshade family. 2. the plant itself. strawberry tomato noun 1. a tropical solanaceous annual plant, Physalis peruviana, having bell-shaped whitish-yellow flowers and small edible round yellow berries 2. a similar and related plant, Physalis pubescens 3. the fruit of either of […]

  • Strawberry tongue

    strawberry tongue n. The presence of a whitish coat on the tongue through which the enlarged papillae project as red points, characteristic of scarlet fever.

  • Strawberry-tree

    noun 1. an evergreen shrub or tree, Arbutus unedo, of the heath family, native to southern Europe, bearing a scarlet, strawberrylike fruit. strawberry tree noun 1. a S European evergreen tree, Arbutus unedo, having white or pink flowers and red strawberry-like berries See also arbutus

  • Strawboard

    noun 1. coarse, yellow paperboard made of straw pulp, used in packing, for making boxes, etc. noun 1. a board made of compressed straw and adhesive, used esp in book covers

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