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something that streams:
streamers of flame.
a long, narrow flag or pennant.
a long, flowing ribbon, feather, or the like used for ornament, as in dress.
any long, narrow piece or thing, as a spray of a plant or a strip of cloud.
a stream of light, especially one appearing in some forms of the aurora borealis.
Electricity. an electric discharge in a narrow stream from a point of high potential on a charged body.
Astronomy. a long extension of the solar corona, several solar radii long.
Journalism. banner (def 7).
a parachute that comes out of its packing in a long stream but does not expand.
a long narrow flag or part of a flag
a long narrow coiled ribbon of coloured paper that becomes unrolled when tossed
a stream of light, esp one appearing in some forms of the aurora
(journalism) a large heavy headline printed across the width of a page of a newspaper
(computing) another word for tape streamer


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    noun, Angling. 1. an artificial fly having a wing or wings extending beyond the crook of the fishhook.

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    noun 1. an act or instance of flowing. 2. Also called protoplasmic streaming. Biology. rapid flowing of cytoplasm within a cell; cyclosis. 3. Digital Technology. a technology for transferring data so that it can be received and processed in a steady stream: live streaming video. noun 1. a body of water flowing in a channel […]

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    streaming movement n. Movement characteristic of the protoplasm of white blood cells, amebas, and other unicellular organisms, involving massing of the protoplasm, its extrusion in the form of a pseudopod, and a flow of the protoplasmic mass into the pseudopod.

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