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a body of water flowing in a channel or watercourse, as a river, rivulet, or brook.
Synonyms: rill, run, streamlet, runnel.
a steady current in water, as in a river or the ocean: to row against the stream;
the Gulf Stream.
Synonyms: flow, tide.
any flow of water or other liquid or fluid:
streams of blood.
a current or flow of air, gas, or the like.
a beam or trail of light:
A stream of moonlight fell from the clouds.
a continuous flow or succession of anything:
a stream of words.
Synonyms: torrent, rush.
prevailing direction; drift:
the stream of opinion.
Digital Technology. a flow of data, as an audio broadcast, a movie, or live video, transmitted smoothly and continuously from a source to a computer, mobile device, etc.
verb (used without object)
to flow, pass, or issue in a stream, as water, tears, or blood.
Synonyms: pour.
to send forth or throw off a stream; run or flow (often followed by with):
eyes streaming with tears.
to extend in a beam or in rays, as light:
Sunlight streamed in through the windows.
to move or proceed continuously like a flowing stream, as a procession.
to wave or float outward, as a flag in the wind.
to hang in a loose, flowing manner, as long hair.
verb (used with object)
to send forth or discharge in a stream:
The wound streamed blood.
to cause to stream or float outward, as a flag.
Digital Technology. to transfer or transmit (data) in such a way that it is processed in a steady and continuous stream:
Internet service providers are talking about setting limits on the amount of data that can be streamed into your home.
Nautical. to place (an object) in the water at the end of a line attached to a vessel.
on stream, in or into operation:
The factory will be on stream in a month.
a small river; brook
any steady flow of water or other fluid
something that resembles a stream in moving continuously in a line or particular direction
a rapid or unbroken flow of speech, etc: a stream of abuse
a flow of money into a business: a revenue stream
(Brit) any of several parallel classes of schoolchildren, or divisions of children within a class, grouped together because of similar ability
go with the stream, drift with the stream, to conform to the accepted standards
off stream, (of an industrial plant, manufacturing process, etc) shut down or not in production
on stream

(of an industrial plant, manufacturing process, etc) in or about to go into operation or production
available or in existence

to emit or be emitted in a continuous flow: his nose streamed blood
(intransitive) to move in unbroken succession, as a crowd of people, vehicles, etc
(intransitive) to float freely or with a waving motion: bunting streamed in the wind
(transitive) to unfurl (a flag, etc)
(intransitive) to move causing a trail of light, condensed gas, etc, as a jet aircraft
(mining) when intr, often foll by for. to wash (earth, gravel, etc) in running water in prospecting (for gold, etc), to expose the particles of ore or metal
(Brit, education) to group or divide (children) in streams

A flow of water in a channel or bed, as a brook, rivulet, or small river.

A flow of a watery substance, such as blood in blood vessels or cytoplasm in fungal hyphae, in an organism or in part of an organism.

operating system
A collection of system calls, kernel resources, and kernel utility routines that can create, use, and dismantle a stream. A “stream head” provides the interface between the stream and the user processes. Its principal function is to process STREAMS-related user system calls. A “stream module” processes data that travel bewteen the stream head and driver. The “stream end” provides the services of an external input/output device or an internal software driver. The internal software driver is commonly called a pseudo-device driver.
The STREAMS concept has been formalised in Unix System V. For example, SVR4 implements sockets and pipes using STREAMS, resulting in pipe(2) openning bidirectional pipes.
[IBM AIX 3.2 Communication Programming Concepts, SC23-2206-03].


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