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boisterous; noisy.
(rare) noisy; boisterous


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  • Strepper

    noun 1. streptococcus. adjective 2. streptococcal. noun 1. (informal) short for streptococcus strep (strěp) adj. Streptococcal. n. Streptococcus. strep streptococcus

  • Strepsipteran

    [strep-sip-ter-uh n] /strɛpˈsɪp tər ən/ adjective 1. strepsipterous. noun 2. strepsipteron.

  • Strepsipteron

    [strep-sip-ter-uh n, -tuh-ron] /strɛpˈsɪp tər ən, -təˌrɒn/ noun 1. a strepsipterous insect.

  • Strepsipterous

    [strep-sip-ter-uh s] /strɛpˈsɪp tər əs/ adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the order Strepsiptera, comprising minute insects that are closely related to the beetles, the twisted-winged male being free-living and the wingless female parasitic in various insect hosts.

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