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Stretch limo

(informal) a limousine that has been lengthened to provide extra seating accommodation and more legroom In full stretch limousine

an automobile that has been lengthened to provide more seating and legroom
stress out


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  • Stretch-mark

    noun 1. a silvery streak occurring typically on the abdomen or thighs and caused by stretching of the skin over a short period of time, as during pregnancy or rapid weight gain. stretch mark n. A shiny line on the skin of the abdomen, breasts, thighs, or buttocks caused by the prolonged stretching of the […]

  • Stretchmarks

    /ˈstrɛtʃˌmɑːks/ plural noun 1. marks that remain visible on the abdomen after its distension, esp in pregnancy

  • Stretch-mill

    noun, Metalworking. 1. a mill for rolling and stretching seamless tubes, the rolls of each successive stand operating more quickly than those of the preceding.

  • Stretchout

    noun 1. a deliberate extension of time for meeting a production quota. 2. a method of labor management by which employees do additional work without a commensurate increase in wages.

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