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Stretch reflex

stretch reflex n.
See myotatic reflex.


Read Also:

  • Stretch-runner

    noun 1. an athlete or horse that is especially strong or fast in the final stage of a race.

  • Stretchy

    adjective, stretchier, stretchiest. 1. having a tendency to stretch, especially excessively or unduly. 2. capable of being stretched; elastic. 3. (especially of a pig) having a long body. adjective stretchier, stretchiest 1. characterized by elasticity

  • Stretford

    noun 1. an industrial town in NW England, in Trafford unitary authority, Greater Manchester. Pop: 42 103 (2001)

  • Stretta

    noun, plural strette [stret-ey] /ˈstrɛt eɪ/ (Show IPA), strettas. Music. 1. a concluding passage played at a faster tempo.

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