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noun, plural striae
[strahy-ee] /ˈstraɪ i/ (Show IPA)
a slight or narrow furrow, ridge, stripe, or streak, especially one of a number in parallel arrangement:
striae of muscle fiber.
Mineralogy. any of a series of parallel lines or tiny grooves on the surface of a crystal, indicative of the mode of growth.
Architecture. a flute on the shaft of a column.
noun (often pl) (pl) striae (ˈstraɪiː)
(geology) Also called striation. any of the parallel scratches or grooves on the surface of a rock caused by abrasion resulting from the passage of a glacier, motion on a fault surface, etc
fine ridges and grooves on the surface of a crystal caused by irregular growth
(biology, anatomy) a narrow band of colour or a ridge, groove, or similar linear mark, usually occurring in a parallel series
(architect) a narrow channel, such as a flute on the shaft of a column

stria stri·a (strī’ə)
n. pl. stri·ae (strī’ē)

A thin, narrow groove or channel.

A thin line or band, especially one of several that are parallel or close together.

A thin line, band, stripe, or streak distinguished from the tissue in which it is found; a striation.


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    striae atrophicae striae a·tro·phi·cae (ə-trō’fĭ-kē’, ə-trŏf’ĭ-) pl.n. Stretch marks.

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    striae gravidarum striae grav·i·dar·um (grāv’ĭ-dâr’əm) pl.n. Stretch marks resulting from pregnancy.

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    verb (used with object), striated, striating. 1. to mark with striae; furrow; stripe; streak. adjective 2. striated. adjective (ˈstraɪɪt) 1. marked with striae; striped verb (ˈstraɪeɪt) 2. (transitive) to mark with striae striate stri·ate (strī’āt’) v. stri·at·ed, stri·at·ing, stri·ates To mark with striae or striations. adj. or stri·at·ed (-ā’tĭd) Marked with striae; striped, grooved, or […]

  • Striate body

    striate body n. The caudate and lentiform nuclei considered as one structure, having a striated appearance on section due to its slender fascicles of myelinated fibers.

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