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Strictly for the birds

stretch limo


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  • Stricture

    noun 1. a remark or comment, especially an adverse criticism: The reviewer made several strictures upon the author’s style. 2. an abnormal contraction of any passage or duct of the body. 3. Phonetics. a constriction of airflow in the vocal tract in the production of speech. 4. a restriction. 5. Archaic. the act of enclosing […]

  • Stricturotomy

    stricturotomy stric·tur·ot·o·my (strĭk’chə-rŏt’ə-mē) n. Surgical opening or division of a stricture.

  • Stride

    verb (used without object), strode, stridden [strid-n] /ˈstrɪd n/ (Show IPA), striding. 1. to walk with long steps, as with vigor, haste, impatience, or arrogance. 2. to take a long step: to stride across a puddle. 3. to straddle. verb (used with object), strode, stridden [strid-n] /ˈstrɪd n/ (Show IPA), striding. 4. to walk with […]

  • Strided

    /str:’d*d/ (scientific computing) Said of a sequence of memory reads and writes to addresses, each of which is separated from the last by a constant interval called “the stride length”, or just “the stride”. These can be a worst-case access pattern for cache schemes when the stride length is a multiple of the cache line […]

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