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closed by a strike:
a strikebound factory.
(of a factory, etc) closed or made inoperative by a strike


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  • Strikebreaker

    [strahyk-brey-ker] /ˈstraɪkˌbreɪ kər/ noun 1. a person who takes part in breaking up a strike of workers, either by working or by furnishing workers. strikebreaker /ˈstraɪkˌbreɪkə/ noun 1. a person who tries to make a strike ineffectual by working or by taking the place of those on strike strikebreaker definition An employee hired to replace […]

  • Strikebreaking

    [strahyk-brey-king] /ˈstraɪkˌbreɪ kɪŋ/ noun 1. action directed at breaking up a strike of workers.

  • Strike-fault

    noun, Geology. 1. a fault that trends parallel to the strike of the strata that it offsets. strike fault noun 1. a fault that runs parallel to the strike of the affected rocks

  • Strike-force

    noun 1. a military force armed and trained for attack. 2. a group or team, as of law-enforcement agents, who are assigned to one special problem: the FBI’s strike force against organized crime.

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