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a person who strips.
a thing that strips, as an appliance or machine for stripping.
Also called ecdysiast, exotic dancer, stripteaser. a person who performs a striptease.
a harvesting machine for stripping the seed heads from the stalks of grain.
a machine used in harvesting cotton to strip the bolls from the plants.
a chemical solution that removes varnish, paint, wax, etc., from a surface, as of furniture or flooring.
any of several rollers covered with card clothing that operate in combination with the worker rollers and the cylinder in the carding of fibers.
Printing. a worker who assembles and strips photographic negatives or positives for platemaking.
Compare strip2 (def 10).
a striptease artist
a person or thing that strips
a device or substance for removing paint, varnish, etc


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