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Strobe lighting

a high-intensity flashing beam of light produced by rapid electrical discharges in a tube or by a perforated disc rotating in front of an intense light source: used in discotheques, etc
the use of or the apparatus for producing such light


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  • Strobes

    noun 1. Also called strobe light. stroboscope (def 2a). adjective 2. stroboscopic. noun 1. short for strobe lighting, stroboscope verb 2. to give the appearance of arrested or slow motion by using intermittent illumination strobe (strōb) A strobe light. A stroboscope. A spot of higher than normal intensity in the sweep of an indicator on […]

  • Strobe tuner

    noun 1. an electronic instrument tuner that uses stroboscopic light

  • Strobic

    adjective 1. spinning or appearing to spin

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    noun, plural strobilae [stroh-bahy-lee] /stroʊˈbaɪ li/ (Show IPA). Zoology. 1. the body of a tapeworm exclusive of the head and neck region. Compare scolex. 2. the chain of segments of the larva of a jellyfish in the class Scyphozoa, each segment of which gives rise to a free-swimming medusa. noun (pl) -bilae (-bɪliː) 1. the […]

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