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noun, plural strobili
[stroh-bahy-lahy] /stroʊˈbaɪ laɪ/ (Show IPA). Botany.
a reproductive structure characterized by overlapping scalelike parts, as a pine cone or the fruit of the hop.
a conelike structure composed of sporophylls, as of the club mosses and horsetails.
noun (pl) -biluses, -bili (-bɪlaɪ), -biles
(botany) the technical name for cone (sense 3)
Plural strobili (strō-bī’lī)

A reproductive structure that consists of sporophylls or scales arranged spirally or in an overlapping fashion along a central stem, as in horsetails, some lycophytes, and many kinds of gymnosperms. For example, the cones of pine trees are strobili.

An inflorescence or ripened multiple fruit in which many floral bracts are arranged in an overlapping fashion, as in the hop plant.


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