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any of several devices for sharpening razors, especially a strip of leather or other flexible material.
Also, strap. Nautical, Machinery.

a rope or a band of metal surrounding and supporting a block, deadeye, etc.
a metal band surrounding the pulley of a block to transmit the load on the pulley to its hook or shackle.
a rope sling, as for handling cargo.
a ring or grommet of rope.

verb (used with object), stropped, stropping.
to sharpen on or as if on a strop.
a leather strap or an abrasive strip for sharpening razors
a rope or metal band around a block or deadeye for support
(mainly Brit, informal) a temper tantrum: he threw a strop and stormed off
verb strops, stropping, stropped
(transitive) to sharpen (a razor, etc) on a strop


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