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[ber-nahr-daw] /bɛrˈnɑr dɔ/ (Show IPA), (I”Il Cappuccino”) 1581–1644, Italian painter and engraver.
Historical Examples

The Medici and the Strozzi were both princes and merchants, while those around them were principally dependants.
Homeward Bound James Fenimore Cooper

The Cardinal read it with a gay smile, and tossed it back to Strozzi.
The Duchess of Trajetto Anne Manning

It was, however, signalized by the death of one of the eminent adventurers of the age, Marshal Strozzi.
The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume I.(of III) 1555-66 John Lothrop Motley

On the outside of the cover is the coat of arms of the Strozzi family.
The Old Furniture Book N. Hudson Moore

Near this is the famous Palazzo di Strozzi, a princely piece of architecture, in a rustic manner.
The Diary of John Evelyn (Vol 1 of 2) John Evelyn

Orcagnas paintings in the Strozzi Chapel are of the fourteenth century.
Old Continental Towns Walter M. Gallichan

Part of the other rotunda at the southern corner is also left, and has been built into the end of the Via Strozzi.
Old Rome Robert Burn

His head will rest the easier with me in Paris and the Strozzi out of Florence.
Historic Girlhoods Rupert S. Holland

Several pictures by Andrea remain, and his name is still on that in the Strozzi chapel, which is full of figures and of episodes.
The History of Painting in Italy, Vol. 1 (of 6) Luigi Antonio Lanzi

Such was the claim of the Rochellois in answer to Strozzi’s summons.
History of the Rise of the Huguenots Henry Baird


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