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noun, Chemistry.
a chemical formula showing the linkage of the atoms in a molecule diagrammatically, as H–O–H.
structural formula
a chemical formula showing the composition and structure of a molecule. The atoms are represented by symbols and the structure is indicated by showing the relative positions of the atoms in space and the bonds between them: H–C≡C–H is the structural formula of acetylene See also empirical formula, molecular formula

structural formula struc·tur·al formula (strŭk’chər-əl)
A chemical formula that shows the number and kinds of atoms in a molecule and how the atoms and bonds in the molecule are arranged.
structural formula
A chemical formula that shows how the atoms making up a compound are arranged within the molecule. For example, the structural formula of aspirin is CH3COOC6H4COOH, indicating that it consists of an acetyl group (CH3COO) attached to the carboxylic acid (COOH) of a phenyl group (C6H4). Compare empirical formula, molecular formula.


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