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noun, plural stuccoes, stuccos.
an exterior finish for masonry or frame walls, usually composed of cement, sand, and hydrated lime mixed with water and laid on wet.
any of various fine plasters for decorative work, moldings, etc.
any of various finishes made with cement, plaster, or mortar, as albarium.
a wall, facing, molding, or other work made of such materials.
verb (used with object), stuccoed, stuccoing.
to cover or ornament with stucco.
noun (pl) -coes, -cos
a weather-resistant mixture of dehydrated lime, powdered marble, and glue, used in decorative mouldings on buildings
any of various types of cement or plaster used for coating outside walls
Also called stuccowork. decorative work moulded in stucco
verb -coes, -cos, -coing, -coed
(transitive) to apply stucco to


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